Artistic Research Doctoral project 2015-2020

Tutke/Performing Arts Research Centre, Theatre Academy, UNIARTS Helsinki

The Reacclimating the Stage (Skenomorphoses) artistic research doctoral project examines the actual transformations of the (notion of) stage, and therefore of scenic practices, in the face of climatic and anthropo-technological mutations of the 21st century. Through the art, the research looks into scenic thinking, time ecology, and queer-ed temporalities of the transforming (notion of) stage. The research is anchored in and executed through my practice as a metteur-en-scène and fuelled by my doubts concerning what I perceive as a fundamental anthropocentrism embedded in the very mechanism of theatre, impossible in a time when human activity poses a profound biospheric and algorithmic impact on the environment. The artworks thus operate within the research framework as experiments on the following questions: How to re -design/-direct/-perform/-imagine a stage on the brink of environmental collapse and in the age of an algorithm-conditioned society based on the consideration that human-centered scenic forms, scales, and perspectives do not seem to enable a sustainable commons that include other-than-human beings? How to re-consider and give dramaturgical and performative hospitality to those other-than-human entities (plants, animals, minerals, meteorological phenomena, but also computational, algorithmic, artificial ones) as our contemporary stage co-(f)actors? How to review and ecologically renegotiate the human aesthetic control of the stage taking into consideration other-than-human temporalities? What can deepening and retemporizing the stage be? What is at stake, at work, and at play when shifting from directing to redirecting? What kind of stage forms after the internalized dramaturgies of the postdramatic, in this radical movement towards the techno-eco-dramaturgies of a hyperdramatic theater?


Supervision / Direction de la recherche: Esa Kirkkopelto, philosopher, performing artist, researcher and Professor of Artistic Research at the Performing Arts Research Centre, Uniarts Helsinki (supervision period: 2015 – 2019) & Mika Elo, visual artist, researcher and Professor of Artistic Research at the Fine Arts Academy, Uniarts Helsinki (2016 – 2020)

Supported by / Soutien à la recherche: CIMO Fellowships Programme (2015-2016), KONE Foundation (2016 – 2020)