weSANK Deep Stage As…


Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki

Final outcome of weSANK project

The weSANK research project emerged from director-researcher Vincent Roumagnac’s dialogue with architect- researcher Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou. It surfaced at the confluence of Roumagnac’s doctoral research on “Deepening the Stage” and Chiappone-Piriou’s research on proto-architecture in relation to art and computation. Together they have designed and implemented a two-year experimental project with and around the question: “How to prototype the stage of the future?”.

Via five collaborative sessions, in Tokyo, Paris, Helsinki, Barcelona and Daegu, together with artists and architects invited locally, they carried out the performative design and assembling of those prototypes.

From general themes – including theatre and architecture, stage and time ecology, big data and post-industrial landscapes, dystopian narratives and daily rituals, networks, climate, memory, energy and affect… – the spontaneous conceptualization and manufacture of prototypes sought to explore contemporary bio/techno-sensitive and geographical conditions and, from those diverse perspectives, to coalesce physical and informational objects with a scenic dimension.

weSANK Deep Stage As… , which is the final staging in Helsinki of the whole research project, invites spectators to enter this speculative landscape and to take part, through the experience of the shared quantity, in the emergence of alternative common scenic imaginaries.

This public presentation of the research project takes the twofold form of an installation/exhibition/mise en scène and of an exposition of the project on the Research Catalogue. This double staging of weSANK project is examined as the second and final artistic part of Roumagnac’s doctorate Reacclimating the Stage (2015 – 2020).