Vers un Teatre Híper-Dramàtic


Institut del Teatre, Barcelona

Workshop / Installed Outcome

Documentation here

“We already know that we live in a time when human activity has been having a profound impact on our physical and ecological environment. However, these transformations are often not perceptible: they are literally too small or too big (like e.g. global warming), too slow or too fast (like e.g. the flow of big data), so that our senses, even our imagination, and despite the fact that we have adequate theoretical and technical instruments, can not grasp them. We artists are currently facing these climatic intensities, wether geological or algorithmic, and feel disoriented with our incapacity to create times and spaces of experience to account for this ecological transition in a sensitive, reflective and critical way. We, performing artists, feel the need to renew our tools and registers to redirect the theatrical attention towards the many non-human actors and factors that already entered the stage of our contemporaneity. This aesthetic revision calls for scenic responses that go beyond the conventional production and organisation of a “stage” that has, according to me, become inoperative in its spatiotemporal conventional settings for addressing the scales of those hyperobjects (Morton, 2013). Based on the hypothesis of the possibility of emergence of what I call a “deep stage”, I invite you to work together with the following questions:

  • –  How to direct, perform or prototype a theatre of the future, recognizing (whilst criticizing the term of) the Anthropocene , on the brink of an environmental collapse?
  • –  How to re-consider and give dramaturgical hospitality to more-than-human beings (plants, animals, minerals, meteorological phenomena, but also computational, algorithmic, artificial entities …) as our contemporary stage co-(f)actors?
  • –  How to review and ecologically re-negotiate the human aesthetic control of the stage, revision that implies a change from the anthropocentric logic of representation to that of what I call xeno- perfomativity?
  • –  What kind of stage forms after the dramaturgies of the post-dramatic, in this radical movement towards the ecodramaturgies of a hyperdramatic theater? » VR

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