Performing Arts Research Centre, Helsinki.


trans  -duction


trans -lation/-duction/-scription is a triptych of contributive performative/performed/staged/exhibited/exposed interventions on technologies of (re)writing in artistic research in the frame of the three-year series of seminars Architechtonics of Sense/Aesthetic Thinking/Medium of Research convened by Mika Elo and Miika Luoto on the doctoral platform of the University of the Arts of Helsinki from 2015 to 2018.

translation (or The curator’s voice) consisted of the infra-reenactment of the exhibition The Translator’s Voice curated by Martin Waldmeier in 2015 (Frac Lorraine, France). The experiment was based on the reenactment of the frame(s) of the original exhibition: the technological frames used for the display of the works and the exegetic frames used to introduce the works (texts found in the press-release of the original exhibition). Visitors were invited to enter the situation of an exhibition “in the building”, before the artworks would arrive. A guided tour was then proposed, simultaneously in English and in French, to introduce all missing works through the texts written by the curator of the original exhibition for the mediation of the show.

trans-duction is an experiment carried out with sound artist and researcher Jari Kauppinen. It consisted of a live translation of the documented lecture “Vers un art de l’hypercontrôle” by Bernard Stiegler (played on youtube) – on general organology, societies of hypercontrol and neganthropocene – from French to English, the translation being simultaneously transposed into a sonic distorded landscape. The video of the experiment was streamed with a soundscape composed by the three audio-flows together: Stiegler’s original voice on Youtube, the translator’s voice, and the sonic transduction.

trans-scription is an experiment realised in collaboration with actor researcher Outi Condit. It consisted of a live post-kittlerian multi-faceted technocorporeal immersive cloud-like pluri(re)writing sculpture, enmeshing, within a non-hierarchical structure, online ads on AI, notes on Kittler’s conferences from the nineties, avatared voices of Hamlet and Hélène Cixous among other specters, glitching seminar exchanges on a collective pirate pad, pink floyds stereo tunes and epic theatre smoke.


trans-scription – with Outi Condit
trans-lation (The Curator’s Voice)
trans-duction – with Jari Kauppinen