Towards Hyperdramatic Theatre II (Workshop)

2019, Theatre Academy Helsinki

Towards Hyperdramatic Theatre II (Workshop) examined the transformations of the notion of stage, and therefore of scenic practices, in the face of climatic and anthropo-technological mutations of the 21st century. The participants were invited to eco-dramaturgically conceptualize and realize a “hyperdramatic” scenic prototype.

The participants were invited to experiment on the following questions:
How to design/direct/perform a stage on the brink of an environmental collapse and in the age of an algorithm-conditioned society? How to re-consider and give dramaturgical hospitality to more-than-human beings (plants, animals, minerals, meteorological phenomena, but also computational, algorithmic, artificial entities) as our con- temporary stage co-(f)actors? How to review and ecologically re-negotiate the human aesthetic control of the stage taking in considerations other-than-human temporalities? What kind of stage forms after the dramaturgies of the postdramatic, in this radical movement towards the ecodramaturgies of a hyperdramatic theater?

The workshop was stimulated by Vincent Roumagnac’s artistic practice and research, which was introduced through several artistic examples and a selected – and discussed – referent bibliography, e.g. Timothy Morton (on hyperobjects), Donna Haraway (on tentacular thinking), Bruno Latour (on Gaïa), and some material on Queer Theory/Temporality.

Every scenic/scenographic prototypes realized by the participants, in dialogue with Roumagnac, embeded one chosen Shakespeare’s figure/text from The Tempest, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The three following prototypes were publically presented:

You Drop the Drop Slowly by Christiana Bisset

Blindspot. by Daniela Pascual

The Too Late Night Show (Feat. Freeda Cows and Tardi B.) by Sakari Kinnunen, Lyydia Johansson and Andrea Bel Roset

You Drop the Drops Slowly
The Too Late Night Show (Feat. Freeda Cows and Tardi B.)