The Theatre Season [REDUX]


First Artistic Part of the Doctoral Artistic Research: Heterochrony, Multitemporality, Idiorythmie at Play; Artistic Research Through the Expansion of the Theatrical Co-presence at the Time of the Acknowledgement of the Anthropo(s)cenic Turn.

This first artistic part consists of the exposition of the project The Theatre Season.

The exposition The Theatre Season [REDUX], diffracted in two proposals, The Theatre Season [INSTALLED] and The Theatre Season [LECTURED], is displayed simultaneously in the Theatre Academy and in the Performing Arts Lab (ETLAB) in Helsinki in October 2016.

The Theatre Season [REDUX] re-stages, re-visits and re-constructs through an installation and a screened lecture the one-year project The Theatre Season that took place in the vicinity of an abandoned outdoor stage located in a public park in Helsinki from May 2015 to April 2016.