The Cancellation


The Initial project, entitled Kesäteatteri* (The Tempest) consists of the winter storage in the Studio Kuusi // Kuusi gallery space, located on the island of Vartiosaari (Helsinki), of costumes, props and sets assembled together from an expired, or for a forthcoming, summer semi-professional production of The Tempest (Shakespeare) on an outdoor stage in the forest of the island. The audience is invited to visit the gallery during two weekends of February. The gallery space is accessible only if the sea is on ice (there is no bridge to access the island). But Kesäteatteri (The Tempest) did not happen. One week before the scheduled transportation of the material on the island, Helsinki region got hit by a sudden local warming and the sea started to melt in a significant – and unexpected for the season – way. It would therefore be impossible to take the piece on the island The initial project turned into another one: The Cancellation (Kesäteatteri (The Tempest)).

Here is the text on the new invitation: “We unfortunately had to take the heartbreaking decision to cancel Kesäteatteri (The Tempest) that we should have installed in the Studio KUUSI // KUUSI on Vartiosaari. We cancelled because of the sudden local warming. This unexpected mild spell has indeed prompted the melting of the ice of the winter path across the sea and the art space is temporary inaccessible for the audience. Therefore, the collected material for the piece is blocked on the pontoon on the city-shore, on the other side of the island. We nevertheless (warmly) invite you to join us this Saturday to mourn this piece-interruptus on the dock, meanwhile whinging about the seasonal disturbances with a cool drink and a piece of vegan tortilla.”

Duration of the piece: 4 hours (turned on spot into 3 and half due to a sudden snow storm)

*Finnish for summer theatre