The Backdrop and its Double

2019 – Networked Actor Theory Symposium, OODI, Helsinki

The Backdrop and its Double consists of a collection of seven video scenes produced for installations that were generated in the experimental frameworks of Roumagnac’s doctoral artistic research project entitled “Reacclimating the Stage (Skenomorphoses)”. Each of the videos are sequence-fixed shots presenting a “double-nature”; each one of them giving indeed to see a landscape element referring to the “dramatic” representation of what we used to call “nature” on theatre and opera backdrops (stormy sea, forest under the snow, tempestuous river, Japanese centennial pine…) and the simultaneous ghitched* version of the same landscapist stage-framing, opening the representational closure of the notion of backdrop to the abyss of its algorithmically determined double.

*Ghitched comes from the proposed term ghitch, which couples both notions of ghost and glitch