Institut del Teatre/Museu de les Arts Escèniques, Barcelona

The twofold research project develops at the intersection of a historical study of the transformation of Catalan scenographic thinking at the turn of the twentieth century and of a series of artistic works assembled from a visual documentation of the models of sets (teatrines) of the same period; models essentially featuring floral elements. Through the simultaneity of these two directions of research, the project intends to critically produce the hypothesis of a link between the momentum of Catalan modernism and the contemporary aesthetic claims stemming from neo-materialist theories. Through the study of a historical displacement of the architectonic agency of the flora, from the ornemental to the structural, from the decorative to the performative, the project is part of Roumagnac’s research on rethinking and redistributing scenic positions and agencies, in critical relation with the history of Western theater (here European symbolism in general and Catalan modernism in particular). The artwork materializes at the hybridizing encounter between archives of theatre sets, dendri-forms of architecture, psychoanalysis tests and computational regimes of (monstrous) representation (gifs and video games). The project was carried out at the Institut del Teatre / Centro de Documentació i Museu de les Arts Escèniques of Barcelona, in collaboration with Profesora Anna Solanilla Rosello and archives conservadora Carme Carreño Pombar. The three-month research residency was supported by Erasmus + programme and Tutke / Performing Arts Research Centre – Uniarts Helsinki.

Reacclimatizations test: 7 – 19.5 2018 – Institut del Teatre

Installation preview: 19.5.2018 – Night of the Museums, Museu de les Arts Escèniques

Installation: August 2018 – Theatre Academy, Helsinki

Reaclimatación – CAST – CAT

image: free editing/gif of Los Héroes del Bruch, Teatri, 1893, Francesc Soler i Rovirosa. Centre de documentació i Museu de les Arts Escèniques, Barcelona.