On Such A Winter Day (for Night)

On Such A Winter Day (for Night)

2019 – Performing Arts Research Centre, Helsinki

“It’s really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!” @realDonaldTrump, Manhattan, NY

Returning from a six-week trip on the Californian coast, Roumagnac presents a set of new data/works collected during summer in San Francisco, Morro Bay, and Los Angeles.

The open-studio like – come and go as you wish – installation consists of an assemblage of the following material: the video Backdrop (Morro Bay), the photographic series Natural Sc(i)en(c)es, the video-scenography Tu n’as rien vu à Palo Alto and the spectral presence of a digitally whispered – and slightly glitched – excerpt from the Act I Sc.1 of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus (1607).

On Such A Winter Day is the 26th scène* of the ongoing research doctoral piece Reacclimating the Stage, conducted by Roumagnac at the Performing Arts Research Center, TeaK/Uniarts Helsinki.

* A “scène” is a temporary transactional zone that assembles diverse material affordances in order to speculate poetically, through an installative/scenographic setting, on the shift from postdramatic to hyperdramatic theatre. (In French “scène” means at the same time stage and scene.)