La Saison Théâtrale I The Theatre Season

2015 2016

The Theatre Season took place during one year in the vicinity of an outdoor stage located in a public park in Helsinki. The project consists of twelve ‘pieces’, tautologically named after the month during which they take place: (Piece of May, Piece of June …). The Theatre Season project addresses questions like: How is it possible to affect a spectator with the aporetic staging of a phenomenon such climate change which is invisible and perceptually resistant? How can one experience this resistance to representation and perception through scenic endeavor? How, through the critical repositioning of human theatrical mastery within the spectral presence of the anthropocenic catastrophe (Morton), can contemporary ecotheatre (Chaudhuri) revisit the notion of ‘landscape play’ (Stein)? In French “le temps” means both time and weather. In addition, the singular form has a final s which points at a plurality within the singularity. The project The Theatre Season explores at the same ‘time’ and through different spectatorial timings what kind of theatricality one can project, experience, or miss, on, with and from this infra-staging of the seasons.