La Fin du Stage


Workshop presentation

at L’Institut Français de Finlande d’Helsinki

(The end of the workshop)

With (and without) Terhi Suorlahti, Marika Sampio- Utriainen, Joanna Hongisto, Eleni Pierides, Tiina Karjalainen, Ilkka Saarela, Joan Da Silva et Francisco Tandele.

“It is now, literally, the end of the workshop, of our workshop.
Exactly the last hour of our eight times two hours and half workshop sessions on « contemporary theatre » at the French Institute in Helsinki. And we show you here exactly this, and only this, the end of the workshop.

Here and now, we somehow absented ourselves in front of your presence. Intentionally. We left you alone to face this situation – could we say this landscape – the end of the workshop.

Absent. However, we have not yet stored and gone. This will happen later on, after half an hour of the show. We will fold away what has been unfolded here for you, for your very present eyes (only) and ears (only). What? Well, traces, leftovers, desires, already memories. Of the workshop. This workshop that has happened here and through which we have passed by.

We walked by Duras, Sarraute, Beckett and Blanchot as we walked by the unfreezing sea, behind the institute here or on the snowy banks of the Villa Kivi. (…)”

Excerpt handprogramme