2015 – …

b.o.o (backstage oriented ontology)

In September 2015 I initiated my doctoral studies in the Theatre Academy of Helsinki which is a theatre and dance production house as well as being an art school. From the day one I have started to document systematically the temporary presence of residual/pending sets in the communal foyer (Tori), and in the different storages/backstages in the four studios/theatres of the institution. My attention towards those ‘objects’ was triggered by the way that these disassembled and latent elements of set, of future or past shows, would seem to appear at the same time they would withdraw themselves in this in-transit-ness in which they are supposed not to be noticed as significantly ‘present’. I got more and more interested by the hollow theatricality of the off-ness of these specific matters, spaced in the temporal periphery of the ‘now’ of the show, in the ‘after’ or ‘before’.

Documentation to be continued in 2016 – 2017