Bogs, Fens, Flats…


Bogs, Fens, Flats; Reading, Rehearsing and Performing the Scene Two of the Act Two of The Tempest Within Three Illusive Aboriginal Forests

The Tempest / Episode 2

The project consists of one video which assembles simultaneously through split screens three point-of-view shots, operated with an action camera, of the successive acts of reading, rehearsing and performing the encounter between the islander Caliban and the clown Trinculo in the second scene of the act two of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Bogs, Fens, Flats.. is taking place in three different relandscaped aboriginal forests in the greenhouses of the botanical garden of Montreal.

Bogs, Fens, Flats.. is the continuation of the research on The Tempest initiated in 2015 with the first video installation We Split! We Split! We Split!...