1/3 ikbna

From 2009, once a year.

1/3 ikbna consists of 1. collecting weeds, twigs, and flowers in “Third Landscapes” (Tiers-Paysages) as French gardener, garden designer and thinker Gilles Clément would name this kind of places –  i.e. urban spaces that have been “left over by man to  landscape evolution – to ‘nature’ alone”* – and 2. realizing with the humble picking a floral arrangement in the fashion of the Japanese tradition of ikebana.

* From the “Manifeste du Tiers-Paysage”, which was published in 2003 by Editions Sujet/Objet.

On the right:

Helsinki 2019

Tokyo 2018

Helsinki 2017

Montreal 2016

Helsinki 2015

Montreal 2014

Helsinki 2013

Paris 2012

Lyon 2011

Paris 2010

Berlin 2009